Inspired by seven handsome, dependable, stately but sometimes quirky, always noble brothers the sons of Ida Joe were serious their jauntiness and about looking dapper when the occasion called for it. Though a farmer their father, John, set the example! John set the example for hard work and independence also. Meanwhile, Ida Joe kept the hub of the home running like a finetuned machine.

Classic ˈklasik‘/ adjective:   judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

Whether a tie is machine-sewn, hand-crafted, or totally hand-sewn, it is constructed with heart and the greatest care. There is a sense of excitement in simply choosing the fabric- how the print plays, how it feels to the touch, what it inspires.  The quality of fabric, whether an exquisite silk, a versatile cotton, or a trendy tweed, is of utmost importance in selection and construction. Your satisfaction is even more so.

Custom ˈkəstəm/ adjective: made or done to order for a particular customer.

A custom hand-sewn creation becomes a treasure to be loved again. At its finest the exquisite silk gown couldn’t help but make your heart race each time she wore it. Now ruined, the dress is no more- but a fine fabric makes a classic tie anytime. We’ll make that classic custom tie for you so the memories can live on. If a custom tie is ordered to preserve a memory, it will be sewn with the greatest care as if it were a memory set in our own hearts and minds. Contact us with your ideas for a custom tie. Preserve the memories. We can help.

We are ida joe.  Make it an ida joe Classic Bow.