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There are two places I go that cause my blood to surge and my heart to race.

I absolutely love and live for the charge it gives me to merely enter the doors of ANY fabric store, all in search of the perfect fabric for YOU.  I won’t just choose any fabric. If the texture’s not right, it’s not for you. If it can’t withstand your trying and tying for the perfect bow (the one that’s YOU), it will not the fabric we need. There are ties you will love merely because, not only will they look splendid on you, they’ll feel good too. That will be because of the extra care that has gone into choosing the fabric. There will be something sensual about the way your tie settles under your collar and how it projects your personality in the awesome bow it becomes.

Now, there’s a local business that sells gravel, boulders and dirt. I love to go there early on a Saturday morning- mug of hot tea in hand- and just browse among the rocks from the mountains of Tennessee and the granite from nearby. Since I’ve not found a way (yet) to create my ties from dirt or gravel, then for now beautiful fabrics it will be!

Using cottons, polyesters, wools and silks.